General Information about the Smalley Steel Ring Company, Represented Exclusively in Canada by RotoPrecision Inc.

Introduction to the Smalley Steel Ring Company

Founded in 1918 as a supplier of precision automotive piston rings, the Smalley Steel Ring Company has maintained an excellent track record of successful growth in a constantly expanding marketplace. Having manufactured a variety of products throughout the years, it was not until 1963 when present ownership began the development of products in the wire forming industry which have since become a world-class standard in spiral retaining ring and wave spring production.

Every Smalley ring and spring is engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards using skills and processes honed over three quarters of a century. The company's obsession with quality, combined with a near-perfect record of consistent and on-time delivery, has earned Smalley an approved supplier status with leading OEM manufacturers around the world and has earned the coveted title of "Preferred Source" for many of the demanding applications including: automotive, agriculture, aerospace, electronics, appliance, industrial, medical and power generation.

While understandably proud of the recognition it has received, it is the products that set Smalley apart in the global marketplace. Unlike stamped rings and springs, which are die-stamped through the metal grain, Smalley utilizes a unique edgewinging process which produces rings and springs with a circumferential metal grain structure that gives them exceptional strength, dimensional stability and predictable performance characteristics. Every Smalley ring and spring is backed by continued support. The company is constantly searching for ways to expand and improve.

RotoPrecision is pleased to be the exclusive representative of the complete Smalley product line in Canada. Backed by outstanding Customer Service and world-class Engineering and Application Support, RotoPrecision and Smalley welcome your comments and your design challenges!

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