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Introduction to Smalley Retaining Rings

As a world-leader and innovator in the retaining ring market, Smalley offers thousands of retaining rings to meet virtually any application requirement. Unlike die-stamped circlips and retaining rings, Smalley retaining rings are coiled on edge from flat wire to the exact diameter required.  They are not stamped. This unique process produces a retaining ring with a uniform cross-section that has no protruding burrs or "Ears to Interfere®" within an assembly. In addition, because coiling produces a retaining ring with no scrap, Smalley rings may be produced quickly and economically.

Smalley offers over 6,000 standard parts which are readily available in both carbon and stainless steel. A wide variety of special alloys and finishes are also available including Inconel, Elgiloy (to NACE® standards), Beryllium Copper, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Monel, A-286 and others. Special designs are available with deliveries including samples and working prototypes in as little as two weeks with No-Tooling-Costs.  This makes Smalley rings ideal for design work and prototypes, small and large batch runs, and in the case whenever midstream design changes may be required.  Smalley retaining rings meet military and aerospace specifications and are found in thousands of mechanical products around the world.  Whatever your application, Smalley has the cost-effective and innovative design solution.

Quick Specifications

• No gap - Smalley retaining rings offer a full 360° retaining surface

• Over 6000 standard stock diameters from .188” to 16” (5 mm to 400 mm)

• Special custom diameters from .157" to 120" (4 mm to 3000 mm)

• Available materials include carbon and stainless steel, Inconel, Elgiloy (to NACE® standards), Beryllium Copper, Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Monel, A-286 and others

• Uniform cross section with no protruding burrs or Ears-to-Interfere® in assemblies

• Made-to-order rings available through Smalley’s No-Tooling-Charges process

• Deliveries in as little as two weeks including free samples and working prototypes.

• Easy installation and removal

Product Range

Series Description (Click a Row for Details)
Smalley Spiral Retaining Ring (Spirolox®) Spiral Retaining Rings (Spirolox® Rings)
• Single and Multiple Turn, ID/OD Lock
• Internal (VH, VHM, WH, WHT, WHM, EH, DNH)
• External (VS, VSM, WS, WST, WSM, ES, DNS)
Smalley Constant Section Snap Retaining Ring Constant Section Snap Rings
• Internal (FH, FHE, XAH, XDH, XNH)
• External (FS, FSE, XAS, XDS, XNS)
Smalley WaveRing® WaveRings®
• Internal (WHW)
• External (WSW)
Smalley Hoopster® Retaining Ring Hoopster® Rings
• Internal (HH, HHM, HHU, HHMU)
• External (HS, HSM)
Smalley Laminar Retaining Ring Laminar Sealing Rings
• Single and Double-Turn
• Internal (YH, QH, YHK, QHK, YHD, QHD,YHKD, QHKD)
• External (YS, QS, YSK, QSK, YSD, QSD, YSKD, QSKD)
Smalley Custom Retaining Rings
Custom Retaining Rings
Smalley Sample Applications
PDF IconSample Applications
• Retaining Rings (PDF)

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