Smalley WaveRingŪ Retaining Rings - Available in Canada by RotoPrecision Inc.

Smalley WaveRings®

Smalley Retaining Rings

The WaveRing is a spiral retaining ring with an axial wave form. It acts like a standard retaining ring with the additional feature of compressibility. It compensates for the overall length tolerance of stacked components, while still acting as a retaining ring. Once assembled the WaveRing will reduce looseness and vibration in an assembly.

Designed to fit into a groove, the WaveRing applies pressure in two directions: against the groove wall and against the assembly components. Single, double or multiple turns in the WaveRing are possible as well as a choice of materials, including Smalley's standard 17-7 ph stainless and carbon steel.

Product Range

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Smalley WaveRing WaveRings®
Stock sizes from .750” to 5" diameters (19 mm to 125 mm) in 17-7 ph stainless and carbon steel.  Custom and made-to-order options are available.


Internal, Inch


External, Inch
For Metric WaveRing options, please contact Application Support.

Sample Application

Smalley Retaining Rings

Gear Bracket Application
The worm gear shaft is held in place and pre-loaded using a 2-turn WaveRing whcih fits in an internal groove.  The unique waveform in the ring allows the gear/shaft to float axially as the gear rotates.

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