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Smalley Edgewinding, the No-Tooling-Cost Process™

Smalley Edgewinding: The No-Tooling-Cost™ Process

Edgewinding, also referred to by Smalley as The No-Tooling-Cost Process™, refers to the precision forming operation that coils pre-tempered flat wire on edge to create a near-perfect circle.

Circular-Grain® metallurgy provides strength and stability far superior to that of conventional retaining rings and wave washers which are simply stamped through the metal grain. Smalley edgewound products can be coiled to your exact specification in any diameter and with any number of turns (layers or coils), effectively eliminating material waste.

As flexible as it is precise, the Smalley edgewinding process accommodates any design changes without the need for additional tooling or die modifications. This facilitates developmental work and facilitaes low quantity custom orders and your working prototypes quickly and economically.

Even after initial prototypes are produced, or even in mid-stream production, the edgewinding process allows alterations to designs and dimensions with simple machine adjustments or a change in raw material size. After the revised specifications are approved, the final setup is adjusted and production of resumed quickly, whether it consists of one part or one million.

For more information about Edgewinding, please contact Application Support.

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