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NB Precision Linear Motion Products: Stroke Bush, Slide Rotary Bush

Stroke Bush

The NB Stroke Bushis a linear and rotational motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements between an outer cylinder and a shaft. It is compact and can withstand high loading. The retainer is made of a light metal alloy with high wear resistance. Smooth motion is achieved under high-speed and high acceleration conditions. Although the linear motion is limited to a specific stroke length, the combined rotation and stroke motion is achieved with very little frictional resistance. The NB stroke bush can be conveniently used in a variety of applications.

Stroke Bush

Slide Rotary Bush: SRE Type

The NB Slide Rotary Bush SRE Series provides rotary and linear motion functions. Linear motion with unlimited stroke and rotary motion are merged into a single bush resulting in great space saving compared with a combination of any conventional bearings. There are three types: standard, flange, and unit type with sizes ranging from 6 to 40.

Slide Rotary Bush: SRE Type

Slide Rotary Bush: RK Type

The RK type slide rotary bush is a highly accurate and high load capacity bearing providing smooth continuous linear and rotational motions. Its structure imposes no constraints on linear and rotational motions. It is much more compact than a standard slide bush with separate rotational bearing. The RK type slide rotary bush uses a retainer similar to that used in the SR type stroke bush. This retainer gives a smooth motion in a high rotational application. Relatively large ball elements are used for high load capacity.

Slide Rotary Bush: RK Type

Slide Rotary Bush: FR / FRA Type

The NB Slide Rotary Bush FR type provides combined functions of linear and rotary motion without stroke limitation. Unlike the traditional slide bush, ball elements are arranged around the shaft within the inner space of a bush maintaining compact dimensions while providing high load capacity and high rigidity. The FR type is supplied as a set of a bush and shaft. Constructed with combination of a load carrying outer cylinder and a return cap, it is designed for smooth compound motions. For ease of mounting, the FRA type is also available, which has the FR bush preinstalled within a factory made housing.

Slide Rotary Bush: FR / FRA Types

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