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Ball Splines
Slide Bush
Slide Guides
Slide Screws
Slide Shafts
Slide Ways
Stroke Bush

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NB Precision Linear Motion Products


The Nippon Bearing Co. Ltd. is recognized as a world leader in linear motion technology. Since the company's founding in 1939, NB has evolved into an organization that sets the international standard for performance and quality control thanks to unique product designs, an exacting attention to detail and fresh approaches to linear motion applications.

NB products specialize primarily on linear motion mechanisms designed to utilize the recirculating movement of balls or roller elements in order to provide smooth and accurate linear travel. NB offers an exceptional product range which can be assembled in various combinations to provide for virtually any linear motion application requiring high precision.  RotoPrecision is pleased to provide in Canada the full range of NB products including inch, European metric and Asian metric linear bearings in thousands of sizes and configurations. 

Product Range (Click a box for detailed specifications)

NB Linear Motion Products
Ball Splines, Rotary Ball Splines, Stroke Ball Splines
Linear Shafting, Mounts, Support Rails
Slide Bush, Slide Units
Slide Guides
Slide Screws
Slide Ways, Miniature Slide Ways, Gonio Ways, Slide Tables
Stroke Bush, Slide Rotary Bush

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