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NB Precision Linear Motion Products: Interchanges

Product Interchanges

The following interchanges are available to assist with common requests. The information, data and tables have been carefully edited; however, please note that no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We reserve the right to change specifications and other information without notice.  

Product Interchanges

Interchange: Slide Bush and Slide Unit (European Metric)
KB, KB-OP and KP-AJ Types
(104 KB)
Interchange: Slide Bush and Slide Unit (Inch)
SW, SW-OP and SW-AJ Types
(155 KB)
Interchange: TOPBALL® Slide Bush
TW (Inch) and TK (Metric) Slide Bush
(108 KB)
Interchange: TOPBALL® Slide Unit
TW (Inch) Units
(125 KB)

For any additional information or for immediate assistance,
please contact Application Support.

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