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NB Precision Linear Motion Products: Ball Splines

Ball Splines, Rotary Ball Splines and Stroke Ball Splines

NB ball splines are designed for mechanical applications which require both linear motion and torque transmission. The rolling contact of the balls eliminate backlash and reduce friction, helping achieve greater precision and reliability. The spline shaft facilitates additional machining and high accuracy because of a round shaft shape. Since the spline shaft is also machined by cylindrical grinding, it has a high sealing performance and a well-balanced structure that reduces the vibration and noise during rotary motion. It also provides a high degree of geometrical moment of inertia and high rigidity. This enables long-term, high precision linear motion. A wide variety of ball splines are available. Spline nuts are also available in variations of cylindrical, flange, and block types. Spline shafts are available in variations of ground spline, standard spline, and commercial shafts. 

Ball Spline

The NB ball spline is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements that can sustain loads and at the same time can transfer torque. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including robotics and transport type equipment. It consists of a spline shaft with raceway grooves and a spline nut. The spline nut consists of an outer cylinder (main body), retainer, side rings, and ball elements that is designed and manufactured to achieve a reliably smooth motion.

Ball Spline
SSPB Standard Ball
Spline (SSP-S)
Commercial Ball
Spline (SSP-C)

Rotary Ball Spline

The NB rotary ball spline can be used for both rotational motion and linear motion. The applications include SCARA robots, the vertical shaft of assembly equipment, tool changers, and loaders, etc. The NB rotary ball spline nut consists of a spline nut and a rotating portion using cross rollers.

Rotary Ball Spline

Stroke Ball Spline

The NB stroke ball spine SPLFS type is a high accuracy linear motion bearing with a limited stroke, to which both radial load and torque can be applied at the same time. It operates with extremely small dynamic friction. The NB stroke ball spline consists of a nut and a shaft both with raceway grooves. The flanged spline nut consists of an outer cylinder, a retainer, side-rings, and ball elements. Since the retainer in the nut is equipped with ball pockets, the ball elements do not contact each other, which allows for a smooth linear motion. The stroke is limited since the retainer is a non-circulating type. For normal operation, it is recommended to consider 80% of the maximum stroke shown in the dimension table as actual stroke length.

Stroke Ball Spline

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