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NB Precision Linear Motion Products: Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

The NB linear system is a collection of linear motion mechanisms which utilize the rotational motion of balls and/or roller elements to provide for a wide range of high precision linear movement.  Aside from the considerable benefit of size and weight reduction for machinery and equipment from using NB linear products, other advantages include:

  • Low Friction and Excellent Response
    The dynamic friction of the ball or roller elements is substantially lower than that of full-face surface sliding friction. Since the difference between dynamic and static frictional resistance is small, motion response is excellent in terms of positioning accuracy and in high speed applications with acceleration and deceleration.

  • High Precision and Smooth Movement
    The NB linear system is designed for the rolling elements to achieve extremely smooth motion. The raceway surface is finished by precision grinding for high precision movement with optimal clearance.

  • High Load Capacity and Long Travel Life
    Despite the compactness of the NB linear system, the system uses relatively large rolling elements on a long raceway resulting in a high load capacity and a long travel life.

  • Ease of Installation
    The NB linear system shortens machining and assembly time compared with that of a full-face surface sliding bearing.

  • Variety of Types
    A wide variety of types and sizes of the NB linear systems are available to best serve the purpose for every application and requirement.

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