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RotoPrecision offers an excellent range of pre-drilled precision linear shafting and rails in a wide range of diameters, tolerances and configurations. Whether you require standard pre-drilled shafts shipped sameday or non-standard shafts supported by our in-house cutting facilities and European full-service machining operations, we are able to accomodate your requirements. 

Standard pre-drilled shafting is typically available in specific diameters ranging from ˝” to 4" and 3 mm to 150 mm. Our standard tolerance for pre-drilled shafting is Class L (inch) and Class h6 (metric) although specials diameters and tolerances in virtually every size can be accomodated. Please see the linear shafting page for more information about shaft dimensions including lengths, material and other criteria.

Specifying Axial Hole Spacing (X and Y Values)

RotoPrecision Pre-Drilled Shafting

The center hole to center hole along the axis of a shaft is determined as the “X” variable. A range of standard X-values (typically ±1/64 inch and ±0.1mm metric, non-cumulative) are available.  The end of the shaft to the first hole along the axis of the shaft is determined as the “Y” variable and is generally equal to ˝ the X-value, but this can vary depending on the location of the first (and last) cut made on the shaft.  If the first and last cuts are different, please indicate the difference by Y1 and Y2. 

Drill Depth and Tap Sizes

Unless specified otherwise, the drill depth (d) is generally equal to ˝ the nominal diameter of the shaft. Tap sizes (t) are offered in different sizes for certain nominal diameters. 

Linear Support Rails and Assemblies

RotoPrecision supplies a full range of support rails, support blocks and linear bearings for continuous, intermittent and end-support pre-drilled shafting assemblies. We can also assist in shaft deflection calculations to ensure that adequate support is provided given the specifics of the application.

For additional related product information, also see the NB Linear Motion section of the website.

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