Anderton (Cirteq) Retaining Rings: Self-Locking, No Groove

These retaining rings are used directly on the shaft or in the bore without a machined groove. They work merely by frictional forces.  Performance is influenced by the shaft/bore condition. The best performance can be expected with an unhardened shaft/bore where no lubricant is present. 

Nominal Size: The nominal size refers to the bore/shaft on which the retaining ring grips.

• Inch: N1465-0025 (.025" shaft)

Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range

1305 Series: Internal, No Groove "Push-on"
Used to retain parts such as a dust seal within a bore.  The load bearing capacity is dependant on the bore roughness and hardness.  Prongs "dig in" to bore material and therefore some minor bore damage (scratches) may occur.  Difficult to remove.

N1305 (Inch)

1440 Series: External "Grip Ring"
Very heavy sectional depth gives high gripping pressure on the designated shaft or stud.  The tapered design ensures even contact once fitted.  Has the advantage over the 1652 "push-on" type because they are easily fitted and removed which causes negligible damage to the shaft.

M1440 (Metric)

N1440 (Inch) 

1465 Series: External, No Groove "Push-on"
Used to retain parts on shafts or studs.  The dished form of the outer ring provides extra stiffness and better load capacity than alternative flat versions.  Less sensitive to potential uneven loading. Prongs "dig in" to shaft material and therefore some minor shaft damage (scratches) may occur.  Difficult to remove.

M1465 (Metric)

N1465 (Inch) 

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