Anderton (Cirteq) Retaining Rings: Internal

Internal retaining rings are inserted with the aid of pliers to pass down a shaft bore and then released to spring outwards into a groove. A tapered section ensures even pressure when fitted. 

Nominal Size: The nominal size refers to the bore through which the retaining ring is designed to pass.

• Inch Series: N1300-0025 (0.250" bore)
• European Metric DIN series: D1300-0250 (25mm bore)

Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range

1300 Series: Basic
Suitable for a wide range of typical internal applications. Acts as a rigid shoulder within a bore.

D1300 (Metric)

N1300 (Inch)

1301 Series: Bowed
Provides resilient end play take-up, acting like a spring to fill the gap in any tolerances in an assembly to "take up the slack". Reverts to a rigid retainer if the applied load is such that the ring is flattened. Contact Application Support for details.

1302 Series: Beveled, Chamfered
Provides rigid end play take-up. Used to take up any tolerances in an assembly but, unlike to 1301, will not flex when in place.  The chamfered end expands into the mating groove where the ring "rides down and forward" to contact the retained part.

N1302 (Inch)

1308 Series: Inverted
High clearance diameter. Designed to give low shoulder height and used in applications where the relatively larger 1300 lugs may not be acceptable.  Smaller sizes in particular are also better dynamically balanced than standard 1300 types.

M1308 (Metric)

N1308 (Inch)

1360 Series: Reinforced
Design based upon 1300 series but with increased thickness for added strength when shock loads are present.  Also used where high static loads are combined with radiused or chamfered abutment (due to its increased resistance to conical deformation. Contact contact Application Support for details.

2000 Series: Increased Abutment
Additional lugs provide additional abutment area. Used to maintain full contact  with retained parts having large chamfers or radii which would otherwise contact the ring only at the lug and "beam." This ensures more even load distribution.

D2000 (Metric)

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