Anderton (Cirteq) Retaining Rings: E-Type and Variants

The E-Type rings and variants are radially applied and fitted directly onto the groove from the side of the shaft.

Nominal Size: The size designation depends on which national standard is chosen. The British and European standard clips have designations based on groove size.  American standards have designations based on shaft size. 

• Metric: D1500-0050 (5mm groove diameter)

Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range

1500 Series: E-Clip
Provides a relatively large shoulder height for a small shaft diameter.  Can be supplied in stack form for use with stackfeeda bases and applicators for rapid assembly.  Only groove size is critical with this type of clip; the shaft diameter can be varied widely. 

B1500 (Inch)

D1500 (Metric)

N1500 (Inch)

1500 Series: C-Clip
Designed to provide more groove contact than the standard 1500 E-type.  Limited range.  Available stacked.

A1500 C-Type (Inch)

1500 Series: S-Clip
A simplified version of the C-clip designed to provide more groove contact than the standard 1500 E-type.  Limited range.  Available stacked.

A1500 S-Type (Inch)

1500 Series: U-Clip
Provides a higher shoulder than the standard 1500 E-type which allows for flexibility for easy fitting.  Restricted range.  Available stacked.

A1500 U-Type (Inch)

1501 Series: Bowed
Provides resilient end play take-up, acting like a spring to fill the gap in any tolerances in an assembly to "take up the slack".  Note: cannot be stacked. 

N1501 (Inch)

1540 Series: Reinforced E-Clip
Distinguished from the normal E-type by the tapered wing section which improves grip on the groove making it harder to remove and providing for increased performance under high rotational speeds.  Available stacked.

1540 (Inch)

1800 Series: Crescent Ring
Used when a low clearance diameter is required.  Shaft tolerances are more critical than with the 1500 type.  Available stacked.

M1800 (Metric)

N1800 (Inch)

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