Anderton (Cirteq) Retaining Rings: Internal Plain Section Wire

Internal retaining rings or snap rings produced by coiling, forming an even sectioned wire. Performance is generally inferior to the tapered 1300 types due to uneven stresses associated with snap rings in general.

Nominal Size: The nominal size of all the types shown below are taken from the bore size through which the ring is designed to pass.

Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range

1700 Series: Round Section Wire
Difficult to fit and almost impossible to remove, this round-section internal ring is used widely for grudgeon pin retention.  Limited range.

M1700 (Metric)

2300 Series: Rectangular, Low Shoulder
Designed specifically to give low shoulder for use typically with needle roller bearings.  Difficult to fit and to remove.  Wide range.

M2300 (Metric)

2500 Series - Bar-Rings, Non-Tangle
Originally designed for use on universal joint type couplings.  Form does not allow for any internal clearance.  Easily fitted and removed using a normal set of snipe-nosed pliers.  Limited range.

M2500 (Metric)

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