SNFA Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Bearing Technology

State-of-the-art technology and constant upgrading is applied throughout the SNFA Group. Each process, from design to testing, from manufacturing to inspection, is within a procedure that benefits from the necessary resources and facilities.

Grinding and superfinishing are part of a complex cycle of operations involving all the surfaces of the bearing rings; these operations require the use of special high-quality CNC machinery. Rings are manufactured from bar, tube or forging. The most common raw material used is 100Cr6 that must be of the highest quality and inclusion free.

Matching is the operation whereby two or more bearings are brought together for preloading into sets. In order to obtain a precise preloading, SNFA uses specialized equipment and the whole process is strictly controlled. Cotton fabric reinforced phenolic resin cages are machined from tube. Good dynamic behavior of this vital bearing component depends on raw material homogeneity and precise geometry being obtained during manufacture.

Final inspection of rings is performed under environmentally controlled conditions using specialized equipment that simultaneously measures all geometric parameters. Marking ensures complete identification of the product.

Product design, from analysis computer programs through to laboratory testing, is performed in line with criteria conforming to ISO 9000 standards. Functional tests are carried out in the SNFA laboratories and are targeted at finding new and innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.

Recently SNFA has developed a new program, SECBA, that analyzes bearing performance by taking into account the whole of the spindle assembly. This allows customers to optimize the choice of bearings during the design stage.

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