SNFA Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Lubrication - Grease Quantity

The amount of grease to be introduced into the bearing depends on operating speed.  The amount is calculated by multiplying factor K, a function of maximum rotation speed, expressed in "ndm" (Fig.1) by the "reference quantity" bore and bearing series function as shown in the diagram (Fig.2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

In the case of small bearings where grease quantities are very small, it is advised that before greasing, the bearings are immersed in a grease solution (containing 3 - 5% of grease) then removed and allowed to drain (and the solvent to evaporate) before applying the grease. This ensures that all the bearing surfaces are covered with a thin layer of the lubricant.

Factory-Greased Bearings

SNFA bearings are  often supplied with the type and amount of grease as specified by the customer, both in open and sealed versions, if available.

Please Contact Application Support for more information about lubrication options.

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