SNFA Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings


Since 1952, the SNFA Group has distinguished itself in the market as one of the finest precision angular contact bearing manufacturers in the world. Known for their exacting quality and innovative design, SNFA bearings are engineered to run smoother, faster, cooler, quieter and longer than competitive products. RotoPrecision is pleased to offer in Canada the full range of SNFA products for all of your high speed super precision angular contact bearing requirements. 

Product Range (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Series ISO Reference
SEA Series 18 71800
SEB Series 19 7900
VEB Series 19 71900
VEB/NS, VEB/XN Series 19 71900
HB, HB/S Series 19 71900
HB/NS, HS/S/NS and HB/S/XN Series 19 71900
EX Series 10 7000
E200 Series 02 7200
VEX, VEX/S Series 10 7000
VEX/NS, VEX/S/NS, VEX/S/XN Series 10 7000
HX, HX/S Series 10 7000
HX/NS, HX/S/NS, HX/S/XN Series 10 7000
BS200, BS200/S
Ball Screw Support Bearings
02 76020
BS200 (Special)
Ball Screw Support Bearings
02 76020
BSDU: Ball Screw Bearing Cartridge Units
BSQU: Ball Screw Support Bearings
BSQU/1: Ball Screw Support Bearings

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