SNFA Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings produced by SNFA offer several advantages in terms of reliability and safety. Seals protect the bearing from the infiltration of contaminants and from lubricant deterioration. Furthermore, the existing space between the cage and the seals creates a reservoir of grease that ensures high performance and a longer working life. Seals have been designed purposely to optimize the inner dimensions of the bearing and so maintain operational reliability.

The main causes reducing the actual working life of bearings are owing to:

• bearing contamination with particles from washing
• residual moisture
• lubricant contamination
• use of lubricants unsuitable for the operating conditions
• lubricant removal and deterioration by the air flow from blown seals during operation

The SNFA sealed bearing production is currently limited to the ISO 10 and ISO 19 series. The series that SNFA is currently producing are the most suitable versions for high rotational speed. This is the operational area in which it is most important to ensure that there are no contaminants inside the bearing and that the correct type and quantity of grease are used.

For additional information about seal and sealing options,
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