SNFA Super Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Bearing Marking: Individual Bearings and Bearing Groups

Bearing designation is placed on the wider face of the outer ring. Complete designation (contact angle, precision, arrangement, type, etc.) of medium to large size bearing sets is marked on one bearing only. The remaining bearings of the group have markings indicating type, trade mark, and country of origin only. Micron deviations from the nominal value of each bore and outside diameter are marked on that surface, at the point of maximum eccentricity (maximum radial thickness).

Maximum assembly concentricity is obtained by locating this point at 180° to maximum shaft or housing eccentricity. Other markings that may appear on ring faces are manufacturing references (manufacturing date, serial number, etc.).

Please Note: The "V" arrow on the bearing outer diameter indicates the direction of thrust applicable to the inner rings of the bearing group. The arrow is placed at the point of maximum outer ring eccentricity.

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