RotoPrecision Canada Features Smalley Steel Ring Wave Springs in WAVO Round Wire Configurations

Smalley Wave Springs: WAVO® Round Wire Wave Springs

Smalley Single Turn Wave Spring

Wavo Springs are produced from round-section wire to provide higher loads while maintaining the accurate loading found in wave springs. As an alternative to Belleville Springs, the Wavo typically requires 25% of the radial space in comparison yet provides similar loads with an accurate, predictable spring rate.

They offer several advantages including the fact they will fit in tight radial and axial spaces with inline force, they offer high force loading and greater deflection than typically seen in Belleville springs, and they are economical and readily stocked in wide variety of carbon and stainless steel.  Special designs are also available quickly with No-Tooling-Charges™.

Typical applications include the use in assemblies for variation as a result of tolerance stack-up, to preload a mechanical assembly with greater force in order to reduce or eliminate vibration, or to compensate for the looseness that results in assembled components due to thermal expansion.

Series Description (Click a Row for Detailed Specifications)
RW PDF Icon WAVO® Round Wire Wave Springs
Available from stock in both carbon and stainless steel from 0.5" to 6" with specials readily available and No-Tooling-Charges™.

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