RotoPrecision Canada Features Smalley Steel Ring Linear Spring Expanders

Smalley Wave Springs: Linear Springs

Smalley linear springs, sometimes referred to as "expanders", are a continuous wave formed marcelled from a wire length using spring tempered materials. Linear springs act as a load bearing device having approximately the same load/deflection characteristics as a wave spring. Axial pressure is obtained by laying the expander flat in a straight line.  Standard sizes are now available from stock in over 200 sizes in carbon and stainless materials. Exotic alloys are also available.  Specials with No-Tooling-Charges™ and a range of exotic alloys are also available.  

Smalley Single Turn Wave Spring - Linear Spring Expanders

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LS PDF Icon LS Series Linear Spring Expander
Available in over 200 stock sizes in carbon and stainless steel with specials including exotic alloys and No-Tooling-Charges™.

Sample Applications

Smalley Linear Spring Application - Detent Preload Detent Preload Application
Smalley Linear Springs are used to load pins that are positioned inside grooves so a rotating element cans detent to specific positions. The springs are designed to exert a precise load to give the rotation a desired resistance.
Smalley Linear Spring Application - Rotary Vane Rotary Vane Application
Linear Springs are used to radially load the bottom of the vanes in the pump. The springs energize the vanes against the bore for better sealing.
Smalley Single Turn Wave Spring - Marcel Expanders

Marcel Axial Expanders

Linear springs can also be formed in a circle. This will allow the expander to provide radial force or outward pressure in an application. For example, behind seals to energize them when no pressure is available.  Marcel expanders can also be used for tolerance take-up or to self-center an assembly.

Series Description (Click a Row for Detailed Specifications)
Marcel Axial
Please contact Application Support for assistance to correctly design and specify your Marcel Expander including material selection and other details.  Samples, custom expanders and working prototypes are available and typically delivered to your door in as a little as two weeks from time of inquiry.

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