RotoPrecision Canada Features Smalley Steel Ring Wave Springs in Circular-Grain® Shim Configurations

Smalley Wave Springs: Circular-Grain® Wire Shims

Smalley Single Turn Wave Spring

Smalley shims are commonly used in conjunction with wave springs where a backup plate is needed for housings made of softer metals like aluminum or bronze, and for packings made of leather, neoprene or similar materials.

Shims can function as spacers to change wave spring operating heights. Adding or subtracting shims is an excellent method of adjusting load on a wave spring. Using a shim spacer can also control tolerance buildups.

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SSRS PDF Icon Circular-Grain® Wire Shims
Available from stock in both carbon and stainless steel from 0.75" to 5" with specials readily available and No-Tooling-Charges™.

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Application Support:  1-888-712-3400
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