RotoPrecision Canada Features Smalley Steel Ring Wave Springs in Interlaced Configurations

Smalley Wave Springs: Interlaced

Smalley Nested Wave Spring

An interlaced wave spring is formed from two constituent wave springs of similar thickness, amplitude and frequency. The two constituent wave springs are combined together by interlacing them so that the spring turns of each spring abut each other for substantially the entire length of the interlaced spring.

This interlacing effectively increases the thickness of the spring turns of the interlaced spring to thereby provide increased loading and greater fatigue resistance characteristics.

Interlaced Wave Springs are available as a special from Smalley. Smalley engineers are available to assist with spring design. 

Series Description (Click a Row for Detailed Specifications)
Interlaced Please contact Application Support for assistance to correctly design and specify your Interlaced Wave Springs including material selection and other details.  Samples, custom springs and working prototypes are available and typically delivered to your door in as a little as two weeks from time of inquiry.

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