Onvio Planetary Servo Speed Reducers - AL Series - Available in Canada from RotoPrecision Inc.

Onvio Planetary Speed Reducers

AL Series

Onvio Planetary Servo Speed Reducers - AL Series

Onvio's value line gearbox family consists of in-line, NEMA, and right angle gearboxes that offer exceptional torque ratings, bearing capacity and low backlash for many of today's servo and stepper applications.

The modular concept allows engineers to select from single or two stages of planetary gearing to create 14 standard ratios from 3:1 to 100:1. As well, a 1:1 right angle stage can be added for tight spaces.

Features and Benefits

• Four frame sizes
• Carburized and skived spur gearing
• Steel housing and ring gear
• Backlash as low as 10 arc-minutes
• High capacity output bearings
• Optional NEMA output dimensions
• 20,000 hour life
• Grease filled for life and maintenance free

Product Range and Key Specifications

Model Rated Torque Peak Torque Gearbox Diameter Output Shaft
AL-005 6 Nm 12 Nm 50 mm 12 mm
AL-010 22 Nm 44 Nm 70 mm 16 mm
AL-020 40 Nm 80 Nm 90 mm 22 mm
AL-030 100 Nm 200 Nm 120 mm 32 mm

For detailed product specifications including dimensions, ratings, drawings and options,
please download the PDF catalogue.

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For any additional information or for immediate assistance,
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