Onvio Planetary Servo Speed Reducers Available in Canada from RotoPrecision Inc.

Onvio Planetary Speed Reducers

Onvio Dojen Zero Backlash Cycloidal Reducer

Demands on modern gearbox design have become increasingly challenging.  Dynamic performance, backlash and torsional stiffness are all crucial to today's systems. Onvio's complete line of planetary gearboxes have been designed to meet these challenges and to provide both higher torque and increased dynamic performance.

Onvio’s modular approach to gearbox design has resulted in a wide range products that offer the right performance and value for any application.

Product Range

Series Description (Click a Row for Details)
Onvio AH Series AH Series
The NEW AH series Helical Planetary gearbox offers the ultimate performance in planetary gearbox technology. Low backlash (down to 3 arc minutes) and quiet operation make it perfect for any servo application.
Onvio AP Series AP Series
The AP series provides low backlash (3-5 arc minutes) in a cast aluminum housing. This is the most flexible product line in Onvio's precision family and may be customized to meet any application quickly and cost effectively.
Onvio AL Series AL Series
The value line gearbox family consists of in-line, NEMA, that offer exceptional torque ratings, bearing capacity and low backlash (12-15 arc minutes) for many of today's servo and stepper applications.
Onvio PL Series PL Series
The PL series provides a compact planetary gearbox with a flange mounted output plate for direct attachment of a timing belt pulley. Available in ratios from 3:1-10:1 and can accommodate any pitch Onvio Pulley.
Onvio NEMA Series NEMA Series
The value line NEMA gearbox offer exceptional torque ratings, bearing capacity and low backlash (12-15 arc minutes) with NEMA input and output flanges.

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