Onvio Dojen Zero Backlash Cycloidal Speed Reducers, Planetary Gearboxes and Right Angle Gearboxes Available in Canada from RotoPrecision Inc.

Onvio Dojen™ Zero Backlash Cycloidal Speed Reducers

Onvio Dojen Zero Backlash Cycloidal Reducer

Design engineers today demand machinery and equipment capable of higher speeds, greater accuracy and more flexibility. At the same time, plant managers are looking for miniaturization to allow for maximum production in less floor space. Onvio is meeting and exceeding these demands with state-of-the-art Dojen™ speed reducers.

Onvio's cycloidal speed reducer is the highest precision servo reducer available on the market.  They offer TRUE Zero backlash by combining a compound reduction cam with preloaded, full compliment needle bearing cam followers. All force transmitting components are in constant contact. Onvio offers a wide selection of standard ratios from stock and they are able to customize according to design needs.

Whether your application requires a custom housing, special finish, integrated servo motor or a completely custom gearbox, there are options and solutions available from Onvio.

Product Range

Series Description (Click a Row for Details)
Onvio Cycloidal Speed Reducers Standard Pancake Design
Over 25 years, Onvio's Dojen reducer has been the standard for TRUE ZERO BACKLASH speed reduction.  Available in 9 frame sizes and 49 standard ratios from 10:1 to 225:1.
Onvio Cycloidal Speed Reducers - Hollow, High Torque High Torque, Hollow Shaft Reducer
Onvio's new HT series offers 20% higher torque and a large diameter hollow shaft for passing wires, etc. Available in 3 frame sizes and 10 standard ratios from 25:1 to 225:1.

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