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Spherical Bearings

Alinabal manufactures a complete line of spherical bearings for a variety of applications.  Please click on a product in the table below to download information about a specific series in PDF format.


Product Range (Click a box for detailed specifications)

CBB Series: Extra Light Section
Features the same construction as the CBA Series, but with reduced dimensions resulting in a maximum capacity two-piece spherical bearing with the minimum cross section related to bore size.
CBA Series: Light Section
Features a single fractured race and a self lubricating ball. The ball and race are precision ground to assure maximum bearing surface in the load zone.
NBA Series: Light Section
Features a single fractured NYLOY™ race, assembled with controlled clearance around a sintered bronze ball which provides reliable performance in a wet atmosphere and is completely non-magnetic and corrosion-free.
PBL Series: Light Section
Features an injection molded NYLOY™ race, sintered bronze ball and steel housing. Provides a slight preload for smooth operation, increased performance and acts as a wiping seal to keep dirt away from the bearing surface.
PLS Series: Medium Section
Features its patented, high strength injection molded NYLOY™ race, fully contained between spherical housing material and ball. This yields superior wear resistance, zero radial and axial play, and a steel entrapped ball.
VBC Series: Heavy Section
Heavy Section.  Combine a plated case hardened steel ball with a self lubricating sintered phosphor bronze race secured permanently in a low carbon, steel plated housing. Excellent general purpose spherical bearings.
COM Series: Commercial Section
Dimensionally the same as the CBA series but features a solid outer race. This series is also available with a Teflon-lined race for a bearing with minimal clearance and extended wear.

Other options are available including custom configurations.
For additional information or for immediate assistance, please contact Application Support.

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