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Alinabal Rod Ends and Motion Transfer Devices

Rod Ends

Alinabal offers a complete line of rod ends from 3/16" to 1 1/4" for a variety of motion transfer applications.  Please click on a product in the table below to download information about a specific series in PDF format.


Product Range (Click a box for detailed specifications)

Alinabal Rod Ends
• 2-piece construction, steel on steel
• High Capacity
• 4-piece construction, general purpose
• Oil impregnated phosphor bronze race
• V Series with increased precision bore tolerances
• 2-piece plated, stamped metal housing and steel ball
• Economical series
Economical K-Series combined with the performance of the P-Series molded nylon race
• 2-piece construction, steel housing and ball
• Injection molded nylon race, high strength
Large Bore Series
3-piece construction with diameters ranging from 1" to 1.25" with optional grease fittings and threads
Alinabal Rod Ends - Race Car Series
Alumi-Lite Series
• Male extra capacity, forged aluminum rod end
• Race car series
PRO-Line (Steel) Series
• Male/Female high performance rod end, composite race
• Race car series
PRO-Line (Aluminum) Series
• Male high performance rod end, composite race
• Race car series
Alinabal Rod Ends - Race Car Series
• Available in A, P, Steel PRO-Line, V, VX, K and KP Series
RM Series - High Capacity
• 3-piece construction
• High strength
ISO-Link Series (Special Order)
• Elastomeric rod end
• Noise, shock and vibration attenuating

Other options are available including custom configurations.
For additional information or for immediate assistance, please contact Application Support.

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