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Alinabal Rod Ends and Motion Transfer Devices

Introduction to Alinabal

Headquartered in Milford, CT and featuring an extensive line of high precision rod ends, linkages and spherical bearings, RotoPrecision Inc. is pleased to represent in Canada the full line of Alinabal Motion Transfer Devices. As a result of their expertise in metal stamping, metal removal and injection molding, Alinabal manufactures one of the widest ranges of rod ends and motion transfer devices in the industry. The many variations available in the basic construction and design features make these products useful tools to solve unusual and unique requirements for self-aligning bearing applications.

Introduction to Rod Ends and Motion Transfer Devices

With a full line available in inch and metric sizes and including multiple thread, lug and material options, Alinabal products are fully interchangeable with competitive offerings at a competitive price. Alinabal components and assemblies are also used extensively in the aerospace, military, recreational, and medical industries.  Also ask about lubrication fittings available on many of the rod end series to allow for easy maintenance and extended life of the product. 

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Alinabal Product Range
Rod Ends
Spherical Bearings
Custom Assemblies

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