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Introduction to Nordex Inc.

Featuring a wide range of precision instrument grade mechanical components and assemblies, RotoPrecision is pleased to represent Nordex Inc.

Nordex designs and manufactures surface mount technology assembly equipment. Incorporated in 1960, the company expanded over the years to include the manufacture of miniature precision electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. 25 years later, Nordex continues to focus on fully integrated turnkey subsystems for medical, laboratory and industrial analytical instruments, factory automation, and the semi-conductor OEM industries. Nordex provides exceptional quality products manufactured to meet your design needs. They are certified and registered to ISO 9001 RAB and RvA, a Class 100 Clean Room, and a certified New Hampshire Ball Bearing Relube Facility.

Offering an extensive product catalogue and a Design Guide over 700 pages long, Nordex products include:

• bearings, bushings, idlers and balls
• belts, flanges and pulleys
• component mounting accessories
• couplings, clutches, cams, brakes, universal joints fasteners and hardware
• gears, racks, worm gearboxes and speed reducers
• leadscrews and nuts
• linear motion products
• positioning stages and slides
• shafts and shaft-related products
• sprockets and chain
• worms and worm shafts

For a more detailed listing, please contact Application Support and we would be pleased to provide you with a free copy of the complete Nordex Catalogue.

Additional technical information, pricing, stocking, and delivery inquiries may be obtained by speaking with one of our Application Support Representatives.

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