Press Release - Smalley Steel Ring Company 2013 Catalogue Now Available in Canada from RotoPrecision Inc.

Press Release
September 01, 2021
All-New for 2021: Gear Reducer Master Catalogue
RotoPrecision is pleased to announce the release of its 2021 Gear Reducer Master Catalogue.
“The objective in developing our new catalogue,” commented Gregg Robinson, President of RotoPrecision, “was to provide a tool that both Power Transmission Distributors and Design Engineers would value equally. This catalogue has been strategically crafted to allow for quick access to pertinent data. We worked closely with our customer base to understand the key information they required and placed those details in an intuitive and easy-to -use format.”

The new catalogue features:
Critical dimensions for in-line helical, bevel helical and worm gear reducers
Key performance ratings for rpm, torque and maximum loads
Available options for input/output configurations and accessories
• Comprehensive industry reference guide
“The industry reference guide,” continued Mr. Robinson, “will be particularly useful to help users determine the suitability of replacing an existing reducer with a Motovario unit.  The guide facilitates a quick and accurate comparison of key specifications from a wide array of gearbox manufacturers.”

In support of the catalogue, RotoPrecision offers an outstanding team of Application Support Engineers and Customer Service Specialists who are also available to assist in the process of gearbox selection. In addition, RotoPrecision is Motovario's fully-authorized stocking and MAC assembly centre in Canada with dedicated factory technicians trained by Motovario, proprietary assembly equipment, and large inventories from three stocking locations across the country. RotoPrecision offers same day / next day delivery on stocked units, components and accessories including NEMA and IEC sizes in a wide range of ratios and sizes.

"The combination of RotoPrecision's industry-leading customer service and Motovario's broad range of world-class power transmission products including inline-helical, bevel helical, worm and shaft-mounted reducers, as well as mechanical variators and electric motors, will set the stage for a greatly enhanced customer experience across the country," he added.

RotoPrecision is located in Mississauga, Ontario and is supported by regional sales offices and stocking warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver.

For more information, please call:
RotoPrecision Application Support
About RotoPrecision Inc.
RotoPrecision Inc. is a group of privately held distribution and manufacturing companies based in Mississauga, Ontario.  Founded in 1958, RotoPrecision has branch offices and stocking locations in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, manufacturing facilities Switzerland, and a specialty lubricants business in Mississauga, Ontario.  The company is the exclusive Canadian representative for numerous world-class manufacturers of precision-engineered components including Smalley Steel Ring retaining rings and wave springs, Nippon Bearing linear motion control products, Ruland shaft collars and couplings, and a wide range of super-precision angular contact bearings, miniature and instrument bearings, rod ends, case-hardened linear shafting and more.
About the Motovario Corporation
Following the launch of its initial range of mechanical variable speed drives in 1965, the Italian-based Motovario Corporation has since evolved into a global leader in the development and manufacture of constant speed drives, gear reducers and electric motors. The company manufactures a complete line of helical, helical-bevel, worm and shaft-mount gear reducers as well as speed variators and electric motors.

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