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Motovario Worm Gear Reducers

Features and Benefits

  1. Aluminum alloy housing with patented heat sink design provides greater surface area and higher thermal capacity than traditional cast-iron housings.
  2. Two bearings along the input shaft prevent leakage and contribute to flexibility in mounting. High quality bearings increase reducer life versus worm reducers with a bushing on the input.
  3. NEMA and IEC motor inputs are available for greater application flexibility.
  4. The use of double-lip oil seals in the reducer aid the thermal capacity and help to extend
    oil life.
  5. O-rings on the input flange and output cover prevent leakage more effectively than a paper gasket.
  6. Hardened worm shafts provide increased durability versus forged worm shafts.
  7. Standard hollow output bore and optional plug-in shafts provide greater flexibility in ordering and reduce inventory.
  8. Polyester epoxy paint applied on the inside and outside of the gearcase protects against rust.
  9. No vent plug or breather is required which results in a maintenance-free reducer that is sealed for life. This also reduces the risk of oil oxidation, contamination and allows for universal mounting.
  10. No "bladder" compression chamber is required which prevents leaks and contributes to mounting flexibility. This also helps reduce the risk of oil oxidation and contamination.
  11. Automated manufacturing processes from an ISO 9001 certified company assures reliable and quality gearing.
  12. Aluminum units are prefilled with synthetic oil; cast iron units are prefilled with mineral oil.

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