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Introduction to SmartBox™ Technology

The Motovario SmartBox™ is designed to be the most competitive cast iron, high efficiency gear reducer series available in today’s market offering a range of types including the in-line helical series (H), helical bevel series (B) and parallel helical series (S). The key development factor of the SmartBox™ technology is the concept of Modularity which centers on the design elements of production and assembly in order to offer truly modular gear reducers.

All SmartBox™ gear reducers are constructed using standardized and interchangeable parts including not only the major components such as output flanges, input sets and integral motors, but also the individual parts such as gears and shafts. This sharing of modular components allow for improved quality, faster production turnaround times, shorter lead times from point-of-order to delivery, the opportunity for local subassembly, and an overall reduction in required parts and inventories.

SmartBox™ gear reducers are the most flexible gear reducer series available in today’s market and can be easily adapted for any application including material handling equipment in such industries as steel, food and beverage, automobile, chemical and many more.

SmartBox™ Features

1) Flexible Motor Coupling

The new flexible motor coupling integrates the motor shaft and the reducer input quill to maximize start and stop shock load capacity. The Hytrel coupling eliminates fretting corrosion between the motor shaft and the input quill making disassembly simple. The coupling design also increases the input oil’s seal life by lowering temperature and reducing vibration at the input shaft. The compact coupling easily adapts for NEMA, IEC and servo motor applications.

2) SmartParts™

SmartParts™ is the system designed to standardize parts used throughout the SmartBox™ gear reducer series. The system results in lower costs, shortened lead times and increased application flexibility. For example, the high-speed helical gears are a common part in all SmartBox™ gearboxes including H, B and S. The low-speed helical gears are shared between the H and B series. In addition, all series share interchangeable input sets including the input flanges which allow for parts to be preassembled for faster production and improved quality. Output shafts are shared between the B and S series.

3) PowerCase™ Housing

All SmartBox™ reducers feature the PowerCase™ one-piece cast iron housing. This design enables the reducer to transmit more torque, allows for more distance between support bearings, and distributes loads more evenly resulting in increased overhung load ratings. The housing provides for a large inspection cover to help improve quality and simplify assembly and production. It also uses the interchangeable input sets of the SmartParts™ system to optimize and customize the power section for maximum torque depending of your specific requirements.

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