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Motovario Parallel Helical Reducers

SmartBox™ S Series

RoRotoPrecision is pleased to offer the Motovario SmartBox™ S-Series parallel helical reducers in Canada.

With machined feet, tapped mounting holes and flange mounting available as standard, the SmartBox S Series can easily adapt to any application. Hollow bore or solid shaft outputs are available for added flexibility and customization according to your requirements.  Smaller unit (sizes 050 and 060) are also maintenance-free for added ease of use.  These smaller units are sealed and do not require a breather plug. 

All SmartBox™ S Series reducers (PS, IS) are approved for the baking industry by BISSC

General Product Range

• Minimum ratio: 7.34/double stage
• Maximum ratio: 394.69/triple stage
• HP Range: 1/3 – 200HP (@ 1750RPM)
• NEMA C-face: 56C-320TC
• Sizes: 5 sizes, 10 versions, 50-120mm
• % efficiency: two stage up to 96%, three stage up to 94%

For any additional information or for immediate assistance,
please contact Application Support.

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Application Support:  1-888-712-3400
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