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Motovario In-Line Helical Bevel Reducers

SmartBox™ H Series

Backed by local inventories, in-house assembly capabilities and industry-leading Application Support, RotoPrecision is pleased to offer in Canada a complete line of Motovario SmartBox™ H-Series in-line helical reducers.

All Motovario in-line helical reducers feature the advantages of SmartBox™ technology, a flexible motor coupling and a one-piece cast iron PowerCase™ gear housing. They are designed to withstand high loads and torque for both continuous and intermittent operation in harsh environments. Single stage reducers offer efficiencies up to 98% while double and triple stage reducers up to 94% and higher. Tapered roller bearing output support on all models improve overhung load ratings and shock-load capacity.  A wide range of NEMA and IEC input and output are configurations available for your power transmission needs.

In addition, all in-line reducers sizes 030-050 are sealed and maintenance-free. No breathers are required which makes them particularly effective for sanitary applications. All SmartBox PH and IH series reducers are approved for the baking industry by BISSC.  


Types and Configurations

The H-Series is available in a wide range of models, ratios and configurations including single, double and triple stage with input shafts, couplings or an integral gearmotor supplied at the time of order.  Mounting configurations include foot, flange, shaft, and foot / flange combinations for greater flexibility in a wide range of applications and are fully interchangeable with most major competitors.


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Application Support:  1-888-712-3400
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