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Ruland Shaft Collars and Couplings

Torque Charts - Plastic

Please note: The information chart presented on this page are typical values under certain test conditions and are not a guarantee of average values nor a guarantee of maximum or minimum values under all conditions.

Thrust values shown are FAILURE MODE. They are shown solely to indicate that users should use appropriate testing equipment to make his/her own evaluation, and are not intended by Ruland Manufacturing Company, Inc. as warranties, either express or implied, of fitness for a given purpose.

Unlike the rest of our standard shaft collars and couplings that have a single torque rating per screw size, plastic shaft collars are extremely dependent on collar size to determine acceptable torque limits. The following table should be used only as a guideline to tighten plastic collars. Due to the elastic nature of plastics, it is recommended that screw torque be applied in a slow and steady manner as to not induce extra shock into the plastic resulting in premature collar failure.

Screw Size
Seating Torque
Typical Axial
Load (lbs)
#4-40 CL-4-P 2.0 100
#6-32 CL-6-P 5.0 120
#8-32 CL-8-P 7.5 175
#10-32 CL-10-P 10.0 170
1/4-28 CL-12-P 21.0 310
CL-16-P 15.0 250
CL-20-P 25.0 305
CL-24-P 28.0 450
5/16-24* CL-28-P 40.0 625
CL-32-P 50.0 600

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