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Rigid Couplings

Ruland’s rigid couplings are available in one- and two-piece clamp designs, and set screw style, with and without keyways in a variety of materials. A large number of standard sizes are available to fit shafts from 1/8" to 2" in the inch series and 3mm to 50mm in the metric series. Rigid couplings are stamped with the Ruland name and the bore sizes for easy identification.

Clamp style rigid couplings wrap around the shaft, providing high torsional holding power without the shaft damage and fretting that occurs when set screw style couplings are used. Two-piece clamp styles also allow for disassembly and maintenance without removal of other machine components and feature opposing hardware for a balanced design.

We take extra steps in the manufacture of rigid couplings to provide important performance benefits. For example, the bores of Ruland straight-bore couplings are precision honed. Honing ensures the bores are concentric and also corrects any residual distortions caused by stresses introduced during the manufacturing process. This results in a round, precisely sized bore yielding easier installation and greater torque transmission capability.

Clamp style rigid couplings are supplied with Ruland’s Nypatch® socket head cap screws. Nypatch® involves a process of depositing a 360° ring of nylon on several threads of the screws. This coating reduces screw vibration, which can cause the screws to loosen and torque transmission ability to diminish during the course of normal use.

Rigid couplings are suitable for applications when misalignment is neither present nor desired, including connecting line-shafting and attaching a motor to a gearbox. They are increasingly being used in precision motion control applications with properly aligned components. 


• Precision honed bores
• Do not mar the shaft
• Nypatch® anti-vibration hardware
• Additional step bores available
• High torque capacity
• Zero Backlash

Product Specifications (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range
CLX (1-Piece Clamp) and SPX (2-Piece Clamp) Series
Rigid Couplings - Inch
MCLX (1-Piece Clamp) and MSPX (2-Piece Clamp) Series
Rigid Couplings - Metric
CLC (1-Piece Clamp) and SPC (2-Piece Clamp) Series
Rigid Couplings - With Keyway - Inch
MCLC (1-Piece Clamp) and MSPC (2-Piece Clamp) Series
Rigid Couplings - With Keyway - Metric
SCX (Set Screw) and SCC (Set Screw with Keyway)
Rigid Coupling - Inch
MSCX (Set Screw) and MSCC (Set Screw with Keyway)
Rigid Coupling - Metric
Rigid Couplings
Technical Information and Part Nomenclature

For additional general information and a background history on shaft collars,please see the following technical article entitled "Getting a Hold on Shaft Collars" made available on the RotoPrecision website courtesy of Ruland.

For additional information on shaft couplings, please see the following technical article entitled "What to Look For in Shaft Couplings" made available on the RotoPrecision website courtesy of Ruland.

For additional technical product and ordering information,
please contact Application Support.


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