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Jaw Couplings

Zero backlash jaw couplings are three piece couplings comprised of two hubs and an elastic element.

The spider, made of an advanced polyurethane material, provides dampening of impulse loads, minimizing shock to the motor and other sensitive equipment. Available in three durometers, these spiders allow the user to customize the jaw coupling's performance. Selecting a soft spider will give the jaw coupling the greatest dampening characteristics, while a hard spider will provide the greatest torsional stiffness and strength.

All spiders are press fit onto a curved jaw profile, assuring zero backlash operation. The curved jaw profile concentrates the forces to the center of the spider's limbs, improving the effectiveness of the elastomer material. Raised contact points on the spider limbs help maintain proper spacing between the two hubs, assuring electrical isolation and full angular misalignment capabilities.

Jaw couplings are considered fail safe because, even if a spider fails, the jaws of the two hubs interlock allowing direct power transmission, allowing the application to be safely shut down for maintenance.


• Zero Backlash
• High torque capacity
• Electrically isolating
• Balanced design
• Replaceable spider

Product Specifications (Click a row for detailed specifications)

Product Range
JC (Clamp) and JS (Set Screw) Series
Jaw Coupling - Inch
MJC (Clamp) and MJS (Set Screw) Series
Jaw Coupling - Metric
JCC (Clamp) and JSC (Set Screw) Series
Jaw Coupling - with Keyway - Inch
MJCC (Clamp) and MJSC (Set Screw) Series
Jaw Coupling - with Keyway - Metric
Jaw Couplings
Technical Information and Part Nomenclature

For additional information on shaft couplings, please see the following technical article entitled "What to Look For in Shaft Couplings" made available on the RotoPrecision website courtesy of Ruland.

For additional technical product and ordering information,
please contact Application Support.


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