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Protective Closures

Protective closures are used to inhibit the entrance of particles or to retain lubrication within the bearing. The two common types of closures are shields and seals.

Shields are used when some protection of the bearing is needed but no negative effect on torque or speed can be tolerated. The standard shield is a non-contact metal shield and can be specified in either removable or non-removable varieties.

Seals can be specified in either full contact or non-contact varieties and in various materials. Full contact seals in synthetic rubber are used either when complete protection of the bearing is required, or when lubricant migration cannot be tolerated in the application. They can also withstand slight positive pressure differentials. The main disadvantage of contact seals is the increase in torque and the decrease in running speed capability.

Non-contact seals can help to overcome some of the torque and speed issues, though some compromise is made in sealing ability. These seals can be made in synthetic rubber or reinforced PTFE, with PTFE offering the lowest torque in the event of slight contact.

Protective closures are a design decision that is not necessarily black and white. We encourage you to discuss the selection of closures with one of our Application Support specialists..

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