RotoPrecision Miniature and Instrument Bearings

Bearing Types

1) Deep Groove Bearings:

Deep groove bearings are by far the most common type of miniature bearing. All the standard bearings featured in this catalogue are deep groove bearings. They are designed for applications where radial load is the dominant load consideration, though the clearances in radial bearings also offer the opportunity for introducing a small contact angle to accommodate moderate axial loads; or under preloaded conditions, to improve rigidity. Specifying a greater clearance than standard allows for even greater contact angle to be achieved. Deep groove bearings can be duplexed and preloaded into pairs or sets in order to achieve even greater rigidity and quieter, more accurate motion. Another feature that can be specified for deep groove bearings is an integral mounting flange, eliminating the need for accurate alignment of a stepped housing bore. A flange also eliminates the need for circlips in small or thin-walled housing bores. Shields and various seal configurations can be specified on most sizes of bearings to protect from contamination. Extended inner rings can be used to eliminate the need for shims, spacers or shaft / housing stepping. Finally, various options exist for non-standard outer rings for guide rollers, wheels, etc.

2) Angular Contact Bearings:

Less common in the miniature and instrument bearing range is the angular contact bearing, and it is largely found in instrument bearing applications. The distinguishing characteristic of these bearings is a relieved inner ring land, to accommodate particular internal characteristics. Due to this, angular contact bearings can only accept axial loads in one direction and are available with fewer optional features. If you feel that your axial loads or other operating conditions may warrant an angular contact bearing, please consult with one of our Application Support specialists.

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