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Assembly and Handling

The operating performance of a bearing can be significantly affected by the assembly methods used. Bearing deformation, misalignment, damaged raceways and contaminants are just some of the common causes of poor performance or bearing failure resulting from poor assembly and handling methods. Below are some of the basic issues to consider:


  1. Fits and clearances must be designed to ensure sliding fits, unless some radial play reduction is permissible.  Consider the role of differential thermal expansion between the materials when designing fits. Contact Application Support for more information on this specific issue.
  2. Ensure sufficient shaft abutment for axial support and anticipated thrust loading without touching the shields or seals.
  3. Ensure perpendicularity of the shoulders on bearing seats and appropriate undercuts or fillet radii.
  4. Miniature bearings can be irreparably damaged during assembly unless proper assembly methods and fixturing are used. Even minimal shock or momentary loads while mounting the bearing on a shaft or into a housing can cause deformation or component damage. Poor assembly methodology is one of the most common causes of precision bearing failure.
  5. Ensure a clean, dry work area and clean components prior to assembly.
  6. Store bearings in their original packaging until ready to assemble.
  7. Handle precision bearings with tweezers, gloves, or covered fingers.
  8. Do not spin or attempt to clean bearings by applying compressed air. This is a common cause of bearing damage and contamination.
  9. Consider the risk of contamination from other fluids or from assembly tools and components.
  10. Have bearings factory lubricated and avoid adding additional lubricant to lessen the risk of contamination or over-filling.
  11. Do not clean or flush the bearings unless necessary. If you must alter the factory-supplied lubricant, use filtered, compatible solvents and/or fluids and then re-lubricate with compatible, contaminant-free, filtered lubricant.
  12. Ensure proper fixtures are designed and used for the assembly of bearings. Consult our Application Support personnel to assist with any aspect of assembly planning. You will find us eager to assist in this crucial area of bearing design.

For any additional information or for immediate assistance,
please contact Application Support.

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